Gared Sports 730 Master Telescopic TwoCourt Volleyball System

By Gared Sports



Three Floor Sleeves/Two Sets of Four Cable Covers


Master Telescopic Two-Court Volleyball System The Master Telescopic Two-Court Volleyball System is a top-of-the-line, premium volleyball system designed for competition play. Features: 4" O.D. telescopic uprights constructed of a strong, yet lightweight anodized extruded aluminum for superior support and long life Internal spring assist guide allows the telescoping posts to glide easily up or down for precise height adjustment without having to remove the net Easy-to-operate ratchet winch sets net tension New 5-point net attachment makes set up quick and easy Height indicator decal includes Men's (95 5/8"), Women's (88 1/8") and Junior's (84") Exclusive wedge lock holds sliding rail system securely Meets USVBA, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications Item Includes: (1) 4" O.D. Master Telescopic Upright with Winch (1) 4" O.D. Master Telescopic Upright (1) 4" O.D. Master Telescopic Center Upright with Winch (3) Hinged Brass or Chrome Cover Plates (2) Collegiate Competition Nets with Tensioner (2) Pairs of Antennas and Sideline Markers (2) Upright Safety Pads (1) Center Upright Safety Pad